Bacterial biofilms formation and quorum sensing biology essay

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The Formation Of Pseudomonas Biofilms

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Quorum Sensing and Bacterial Social Interactions in Biofilms

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Quorum sensing

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Bacterial Biofilms Formation And Quorum Sensing Biology Essay

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Feb 15,  · The study of biofilms represents a radical new way of understanding the microbiology of virtually everything around us, from problems that afflict industry to serious public health issues. In several species of bacteria, disruption of the quorum sensing system has been shown to affect biofilm formation and differentiation.

For example, in P. aeruginosa, inactivation of quorum sensing results in the formation of flatter, less structured biofilms than those seen in. Quorum Sensing plays a main role in controlling a diversity of microbial cell activities, like biofilm formation and virulence, that considerably impact human health, agriculture, marine, commercial manufacture and transport systems.

Biofilm formation has been recognised to be a quorum-sensing-regulated phenomenon for an ever-increasing number of bacteria.' (Defoirdt et al., 27 October ) This phenomenon allows recognizing that there is dense population of other bacterial cells 'it is more inclined to join them and contribute to the formation of a biofilm'.

In biology, quorum sensing is the ability to detect and to respond to cell population density by gene regulation. For the bacteria to use quorum sensing constitutively, It is hoped that the therapeutic enzymatic degradation of the signaling molecules will prevent the formation of such biofilms and possibly weaken established biofilms.

The cells interacts via quorum sensing and these interactions are studied under scanning electron microscopy. lecA, ureB and alginate genes are responsible for the formation of pseudomonas biofilms. The locus of the psl polysacchide genes encode the cells to adhere to a surface and thus maintaining the biofilm structure.

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Bacterial biofilms formation and quorum sensing biology essay
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