Comparecontrast essay on republicans and democrats

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Republicans vs. Democrats. Similarities and Differences.?

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InThe Republican party is characterized by the religious extremists, who seem to make most of the news, candidates who pander to the ignorant religiosity of its most vocal members, and the perception by Republican-haters that Republicans are war-mongers.

Contrast: Whigs and Democrats In the early to mid ’s there were two major political parties. The Whigs led by John Quincy Adams and the Democrats led by Andrew Jackson. There are many different opinions on issues between Republicans and Democrats.

The opinions range from health care, taxes, military, abortion and foreign policy. Compare and contrast the economic and political views of Federalists and democratic-republican parties from October 11, Compare And Contrast of Democratic Republican Party | OSBORNE CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS.

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There are many different opinions on issues between Republicans and Democrats. The opinions range from health care, taxes, military, abortion and foreign policy.

Comparecontrast essay on republicans and democrats
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Whigs and democrats compare and contrast essays