Difference between cml and sml essay

Difference Between Capital Market Line (CML) and Security Market Line (SML)

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Difference Between CML and SML Essay

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Difference Between Capital Market Line (CML) and Security Market Line (SML) November 22, Posted by Admin Capital Market Line (CML) vs Security Market Line (SML). First understand that CML shows relationship between portfolio expected return and standard deviation, while SML shows relationship between a stock expected return and beta.

Any portfolio above CML is not achievable. It means you can not create portfolio that will provide you higher return for a given risk than what is available on CML. The Capital Allocation Line (CAL), Capital Market Line (CML), and Security Market Line (SML) can be confused easily, and for good reason: the graphs look virtually identical, the assumptions under which they are constructed are essentially the same, and their implications are similar.

Oct 25,  · The CML contains ONLY efficient portfolios (and plots return against volatiltiy; aka, total risk) while the SML plots any portfolio (and plots return against. Difference Between CML AND SML CML vs SML CML stands for Capital Market Line, and SML stands for Security Market Line. The CML is a line that is used to show the rates of return, which depends on risk-free rates of return and levels of risk for a specific portfolio.

Difference between cml and sml essay
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Financial Risk Manager: Difference Between Capital Market Line and Security Market Line