Difference between metonymy and hyponymy essay

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Jul 03,  · There are interesting parallels between meronymy and hyponymy, although it should be obvious the two are not the same—a poodle is a type of dog and a cheetah is a kind of cat, but a leaf is not type of tree and a clutch is not a type of car.

Metonymy Definition. Metonymy is a figure of speech that replaces the name of a thing with the name of something else with which it is closely associated.

Semiotics for Beginners

We can come across examples of metonymy both from literature and in everyday life. Difference Between Metonymy and Synecdoche. Metonymy and synecdoche are very similar figures of speech, and some consider synecdoche to be a specific type of metonymy.

Synecdoche occurs when the name of a part is used to refer to the whole, such as in “There are hungry mouths to feed.” The mouths stand in for the hungry people.

Metaphor and metonymy are similar in various aspects but the major difference is that if a metaphor substitutes a concept with another, a metonymy selects a related term. So, if metaphor is for substitution, metonymy is for association.

For example, the sentence ‘he is a tiger in class’ is a. The Difference Between Metaphor and Metonymy "Metaphor creates the relation between its objects, while metonymy presupposes that relation." (Hugh Bredin, "Metonymy." Poetics Today, ) "Metonymy and metaphor also have fundamentally different functions.

Difference Between Metaphor and Metonymy

Jakobson argues that whereas a metaphorical term is connected with with that for which it is substituted on the basis of similarity, metonymy is based on contiguity or closeness (Jakobson & Halle91, 95).The indexicality of metonyms also tends to suggest that they are 'directly connected to' reality in contrast to the mere iconicity or symbolism of metaphor.

Difference between metonymy and hyponymy essay
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