Heathcliff and cathy wuthering heights essay

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Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights Essay

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Wuthering Heights

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This artwork is very from the others. Throughout Wuthering Heights two distinct yet related obsessions drive Heathcliff's character: his desire for Catherine's love and his need for revenge.

Wuthering Heights

Catherine, the object of his obsession, becomes the essence of his life, yet, in a sense, he ends up murdering his love. Ironically, after her death, Heathcliff's obsession only intensifies.

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It contains many Romantic influences: Heathcliff is a very Byronic character, though he lacks the self pity that mars many Byronic characters, and he is deeply. In Wuthering Heights, social class and the uncertainty of which class many of the characters belong to is used to develop the plot of the story.

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The main example of this is Heathcliff’s struggle with social class, which causes much of the turmoil for the other characters in the book.

Heathcliff and cathy wuthering heights essay
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