Language and identity are inextricably linked

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Language, Culture and Identity: an examination of how language fluidity and supremacy shapes a life

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Why Revitalisation?

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I speak, therefore I am? – German language and national identity

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Hence, language and identity are inextricably linked. A government, often an authoritarian one, may attempt to re-shape the identity of a minority group of its people by changing the language of that group, in order to facilitate national unity or to achieve political stability.

The language and identity of an individual or group of individuals are inextricably linked and mutually influential. Language and Identity First of all, Identity is the belief as “who we are and how we are” which we all have as individuals and it is based on many fundamental factors such as Ethnic group, Racial, National, Gendered, Social Class, Language, Sexual and Religious.

Keywords: Language loss, Identity, and English as an international language 1. Introduction Language is inextricably linked with identity and in order to save identity, we must attempt to save our language. The work by Trueba (, Trueba & Delgado-Gaitan,) and scholars such as the Spindlers (a, b), Moll (), and Moll & Diaz, () shows that there is a very close relationship between language, culture and cognition.

Not all slangs are short-lived, but might pass on across generations as marks of group identity, just as regional speech does. The BBC's great Voices project ofwhich saw the corporation engaged in unparalleled exploration of everyday speech across the UK, loudly proclaims the cause of language variation.

Language and identity are inextricably linked
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