Power authority and legitimacy essay

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Essay on Legitimacy: Meaning, Sources and Types

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Power, authority and legitimacy.

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Authority, legitimacy and power are among the key elements of any political system. Therefore, they have been topics of much debate across the ages with various schools of thought contributing to political science thus shaping the discipline into the structure we know today.

We thus find there three key elements authority, legitimacy and power exist within the formalisation of theory.

Essay on Legitimacy: Meaning, Sources and Types

The idea of authority is central to any political order. (Stirk and Weigall, )Authority in essence can be defined as the right to issue on command and, because the command is rightfully issued, citizens are under an obligation.

Power, authority and legitimacy.

So before looking into the topic of legitimacy, we should first understand the concept of state power, or says authority, because it is what regimes who hold legitimacy.

We thus find there three key elements authority, legitimacy and power exist within the formalisation of theory. The idea of authority is central to any political order. (Stirk and Weigall, )Authority in essence can be defined as the right to issue on command and, because the command is rightfully issued, citizens are under an obligation.

The term ‘authority’ is commonly misused by academics as a synonym for ‘power’ or ‘legitimacy’ which has led to confusion regarding the entire concept of authority. Authority is generally defined as a person (or group of people) who has the power or right to give orders to others, make decisions, and impose obedience.

Authority and Legitimacy are inseparable twins. There cannot be authority without legitimacy i.e. recognition on the part of the people upon whom the authority is exercised. The people recognise that the power being used, decisions or commands being enforced by the authority-holder is just and beneficial for them.

Power authority and legitimacy essays

Legitimacy transforms power into authority.

Power authority and legitimacy essay
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